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Experience human life through means of symbolism as you fly downhill with a paper plane.


Dreamteck Splines

The ultimate spline solution for your Unity games. Dreamteck Splines helps thousands of developers every day with their level design, gameplay mechanics and VFX needs.


Totally Stoned UI

A cartoon stone age-themed UI pack for any game that needs to get stoned!



Make the music your most powerful weapon in the high-speed space fights of our first original project - Viberift!





Plovdiv Game Jam 2017… Holy crap! It was held from 20th (Friday) to 22nd (Sunday) of January at the Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv Branch. It was a tremendously fun experience so I would like to just get to it! (Cause I can’t wait to tell you how it went!)

The first day started with a quick registration, getting your badge, saying an excited ‘Hi’ to everybody you know and haven’t seen in a while, (lots of hugs there!), sneaking a peеk in your gift bag, picking a T-shirt size. Then catching your breath over the excitement of arriving. We all took a turn on the HTC Vive that was there.

Soon after, the lectures started. The first one was by Ned of Trakia Games. He said some very useful things for everyone who’s looking to start working in the game industry (and not only). Vicky talked on behalf of Quark VR about advertising a VR project, but her talk was applicable to any platform. The guys from Victus talked about game art. Kipi Interactive dived into the good and the bad about the world of game development. Last was a discussion panel with a bunch of great guys, who got our attention and didn’t let go - Georgi Dinchev as ...

We make lots of custom tools to aid our development process and in this video we're going to show some of the tools we've made for Lifeslide. We also talk about the first steps in creating the game's UI.

The work on our game Lifeslide is going great! In this video we talk about making procedural levels and some more art approaches.