Dreamteck Splines

Dreamteck Splines


Dreamteck Splines is an Editor Extension for the Unity engine. It is a multi-purpose spline creation and editing tool and it has been used by our company in lots of different projects. Out of the box it offers visual editors, following functionality, mesh generation and extrusion along splines, particle control, object spawn and control, leveling terrains and much more! It's well optimized, supports multithreading and is mobile-friendly. The tool comes with extensive documentation and is easy for developers to expand and add more functionality to it.

Key features:

- Rapid spline creation and editing via custom editor in Unity.
- Four types of splines: Hermite, Bezier, B-Spline and Linear
- Lots of components
- Mobile friendly
- Single Game Object per spline
- Procedural primitives and saving presets for later use
- Junctions
- Morph states 
- On-the-fly mesh generation
- Multithreading
- Open source

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Follow splines with uniform speed Four types of spline - Bezier, Catmull-rom, B-spline and Linear Junctions Easily trigger events
Easily create splines in the editor Handy editing tools Custom editors Generate geometry on-the-fly


 Dreamteck Splines: Getting Started

  1. Getting started

 Learn the the basics of spline creation and editing inside the Unity editor.

 Dreamteck Splines: Types & Configuration

2. Types and configuration

 Each SplineComputer can be configured to use four different spline types and to behave in certain ways.

 Dreamteck Splines: Primitives, presets & operations

3. Primitives, presets & operations

 Instead of manually creating and editing points, Dreamteck Splines offers primitives, presets and operations that automate the process.

 Dreamteck Splines: Spline Users

4. Spline users

 The SplineUser is a key component which samples a spline and produces output. 

 Dreamteck Splines: Spline Users

5. Mesh Generators

 The mesh generators are a special class of SplineUsers. Their purpose is to generate geometry along splines. This tutorial shows the available mesh generators in version 1.0.0.

 Dreamteck Splines: Morph States

6. Morph States

Morph states are used for blending between several spline shapes. Learn how to create morph states in the editor and how to use them in runtime.

 Dreamteck Splines: Nodes and Junctions

7. Nodes and junctions

Nodes are a key feature that are used to bind spline points to game objects in the scene. They are also used toe make junctions. Learn how to use them.


User Manual
API Reference

Script Repository

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