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As a true programmer, I sometimes handle design tasks. And I’m not talking about insignificant stuff but rather serious things which fall into your sight as soon as you enter our website or a game of ours. An example for this is the team logo, which I made in collaboration with one of our ex-artists or our games’ user interface... you got the point!

Now I’m telling you that not to show off but to let you know why the hell am I making a logo design post and not somebody else from the team (for example Val)

So moving onto the topic:

Not long ago we changed the name of Sonic Breach and now the game’s called Viberift, fiddle-faddle, you know that already. The problem is that changing the name comes with changing the game’s emblem. You can’t have the game named Viberift and the logo saying “Sonic Breach”. And so the creative process began with a team brainstorm about what should the game emblem be like. In the end we agreed that it should consist of two components: A standalone element which can be used on it’s own apart from the logo and a text part containing…well…the name of the game – “Viberift”. The stand alone element could also be one of the letters of the text element but customized to look more funky. An example for that would be Contra’s logo (if you don’t know this game just hit the red cross in the upper right and leave – WE HATE YOU! I’m kidding of course).

You can see that the “C” is somehow comet-shaped or something like that. If you show me that “C” on it’s own, I’d immediately recognize it and tell you it’s from Contra. Well our idea was basically the same!

So again as a true programmer, I started sketching some stuff on a piece of paper. And in the following picture you will see how good I actually am with that. I am a born talent after all. I’ve been drawing since I was a baby and I’ve spent my whole life drawing. Therefore I’m super-good at this and I’m totally not exaggerating right now:


Are you convinced that I’m an absolute prodigy in the field of art and design ? Now let’s leave the joke aside. As you can see…or can’t see because it’s totally horrible – I managed to draw something I saw potential in. And it’s namely the design of the V letter. It hints the shape of a waveform really elegantly and I though I have to evolve this!

After some work I got the first version of the logo:

It’s not really impressive but I managed to achieve the general shape of the text. I composed the V letter with a font that I further edited to match the whole thing. I joined the “F” and the “T” and I ended up joining the “E” and the “R” too in order to achieve balance. The waveform behind, which I got straight from the internet and put it there with an additive blending mode is not something we’re gonna talk about. Nor is the gradient I made. Shortly – this version could not be final but it brought us closer to the final idea.

Here comes the moment where I should tell you that we paid a designer to help us make the emblem really cool…and she failed badly. I don’t know whether it was a communication issue or the fact that she responded really slowly but at the end we just got a 3D text which did not look too good:


It was at that moment we decided to finish the emblem by ourselves – no outsourcing! And so I imported the vector shape of the emblem into my 3D modeling software and I made it 3D for real (‘cause what the designer gave us was Photoshop 3D…meh). The advantage of having a real 3D model is that we can make renders from different angles, using different materials and we can compose it in scenes and stuff like that. There’s that thing, however, that we don’t deal with rendering with Mental Ray and other renderers like that. So what we did was made a render of the emblem without textures – just white diffuse color, shadows and AO pass and the idea was that later we’d apply fake texturing and effects in an image processor software.

That proved to be a really good idea as almost all of us can work our way with Photoshop/Gimp or something similar to these. After several days we had different versions made by different teammates.

These are some of Val’s versions:



And the key moment here is the third one which we liked.

Because Val was on a vacation I decided to get to work and finish what I starded (that sounds so epic and cliché in the same time). Considering everyone’s requests for the design, I retextured and relit the logo. I also drew new waveforms and these are my latest versions:


That’s a total mess and it’s hard to read

Pepi and Yo did not like that because as they stated, it looks like a ringworm or something like that…(I wonder where they get their references from).

This one I like the most and I really don’t care what the others think.



And so the work on the new emblem continues. As for the final version, you will all see it really soon!


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