Why is Viberift taking so long?!

Viberift was nominated for most anticipated game of the year on the recent Bulgarian Game Awards that took place last week. We didn't win an award but that may be for the best. Instead of drooling infront of an award we could actually take the time to be productive and maybe release Viberift?

Well, the game is not coming out until at least Autumn, 2017 and because of that we decided to make a video and tell the story of Viberift's development through the years. You'll see that we haven't just been lazy all that time but rather have made stupid decisions. Which, de facto, is even worse but...positive thoughts, positive thoughts! Watch carefully because in addition to knowing what's going on with the game you will also learn what not to do if you want to develop a game.

So yeah, we show you how NOT to make a game. First, start off without a GDD, have unrealistically high goals and change the concept 10 times during development. Oh and if at some point development is going smooth, add tons of new features so you can get overwhelmed of the colossal amount of work you will have to do.

Joke aside, over the last several years we made a lot of mistakes but we learned a lot. We're happy that all those things happened because the experience we got from all that was priceless. We're resuming work on Viberift this autumn with new recruits and new forces!

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