With almost two hours latency Dreamteck HQ is starting! Yes, not everything is done, like the support functionality, but most of the things are working! This is good because honestly I spent the last 24 hours infront of my computer and I'm not entirely sure that I'm not actually sleeping infront of it and dreaming of writing this.

So what is Dreamteck HQ all about:

Firstly, "HQ" is an abreviation for "headquarters" and not "high quality". We came up with that name after realising that "" was taken. We called it "headquarters" because these are our online headquarters and while you can browse the site and get in touch with us we can actually do work in the background using it as a communication and organizer device.

We are currently presenting three of our titles on the site -   Sonic Breach, Sabretooth Frag and Profisec Shoot. Profisec Shoot is found under the commissioned section of the games because it is a paid project. We hope that you'll like and spread the word of our projects because soon we're starting a funding programme and we'll need all the help we can get!