Bezier Curve Paths!

Our work on Sonic Breach continues. Our plan was to release the BETA version in the end of May. It is however likely that we are going to be late by a week or too - there's too much work to be done yet.

What I'm going to show you in the post is something that I worked on today and that's going to make the development process faster and easier. They are called Bezier curves. It's something that is widely used in computer graphics and games. We are going to use those curves to create paths for the AI. Our curves, however, can be volumetric. Each point of the path can have it's own radius which interpolates with the radius of the next point. This gives the AI the opportunity to move freely around the path while following it. Unlike our current path system which uses waypoints, this new one is going to be more precise and the movement along it is going to look a lot more fluid. At the same time, we won't need to put so many control points in the scenes. On the other hand, the problem here is that we won't be able to branch the system as easy as we are with the current system. Our current waypoint path system supports branching and the AI could take different routes on a random basis. This is going to be harder to implement in the new path system as the way this path is followed is different then the way the current path is followed. Be sure, however that I'll manage to think of something soon and the AI will rock!


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