OVERRIDER – Gameplay Trailer, Demo and Kickstarter News

Our team has been documenting the development process of our upcoming title OVERRIDER on Youtube since day one. One year and three months later, we are releasing our sixth devlog which showcases the combat system and the design approach behind it.

Along with that we have some news around the game’s public presence and how you can get your hands on it.

  • The first public gameplay trailer is now out on Steam and can also be seen in the devlog.
  • We have a demo for Steam Next Fest which will take place between October 9th and 16th
  • We are preparing a Kickstarter campaign that we aim to launch about the same time. Scroll down to join the mailing list.

We just released OVERRIDER’s press kit which can be found here: https://dreamteck.io/overrider/presskit/

If we managed to get you excited about OVERRIDER and would like to support us, you can sign up for our mailing list using the form below. We will send everyone a heads up when the Kickstarter campaign launches.

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