Totally Stoned UI Pack

The package

What is it?

Totally Stoned UI is a GUI pack designed to work with the Unity engine. It is a fast and beautiful solution for your game’s GUI needs. Quickly create a complete UI for your game, whether it’s for mobile or PC with the ready to use prefabs. Totally Stoned UI is a fully customizable, rich in variety package which will help you create a full feature UI for your game quickly and effortlessly.

Totally Stoned UI contains an array of icons and elements, including windows with header, footer and button plates, 42 icons, 4 variations for each of the 8 different types of buttons, ‘pushed’ state of all buttons, switch, check and radio buttons, dropdown menu, speech bubbles, text box, etc.

Five color schemes for the stone UI pack



WebGL Demo

Disclaimer: The animations in the demo are made with propriatery technology and therefore are not included in the package.