About us

The Team

We are Dreamteck - a new independent game development studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We make various games for clients from all over the world. In our spare time we focus on our original projects, with which we hope to make a name for ourselves.

We've worked on games in diverse genres and for various platforms. Our experience includes working with different technologies, languages and environments and handling all kinds of problems (which may or may not include mythical monsters…)! We are PC/Mac and Linux - oriented, as they have the least limitations. (and we don't really like limitations!).

We can safely say we have the most awesome job in the world! In our work we're guided by our dream - to turn our favourite hobby into a profession and realize our greatest ideas!

The Office

Our office is quite small so we had trouble fitting all of our jet planes, rocket launchers and bouncy castles inside but we like it anyway!