About us

Mitko Tsaprev

CEO, Programming

I've been dreaming for a carreer in the game development industry since I was a little boy. When I was playing with the other kids in front of my house I liked to pretend that I was a character from an imaginary video game. I was a total Cyborg-kid. Maybe other people thought I was weird... maybe they still do.

I've been in Dreamteck since the beginning in 2012. I started as a programmer and a level designer but I gained a set of new skills in the field of game design, 3D art and team management. I learn mainly through practice. I like taking on tasks that I have no idea how to complete because that way I learn the most. I think that practice is the best tutor and it should come a bit before theory. That however is just my personal opinion and it does not apply to everything for sure. Like for example medicine... I hope. I wouldn't make a good surgeon, but I could probably make a good butcher.

What really fascinates me is the creation and development of game mechanics. All sorts of mechanics. Character control, weapons, environment interaction, artificial intelligence and all sorts of other systems. I find the whole process, from the idea, through the development to the testing of gameplay elements very fun. The satisfaction I get from doing that can only be compared to the satisfaction that a good sandwich brings (you're probably asking yourselves what kind of sandwiches I'm eating).

Since programming is my strongest suit, I often happen to write helper systems which boost my efforts in the fields that I'm not that good at. These tools that I write are like my virtual exoskeleton and they make me a superhero like Iron man. I felt weird while writing that but I'm going to leave it anyway.

When I'm not writing code, I usually do 3D graphics. I'm interested in the optimization and rendering techniques (in real time, of course, after all I'm a game developer). I can tell you what's wrong with your model's topology or UV coordinates, etc. I know stuff about shaders, materials, textures and all sorts of "visual fraud" that games employ in order to achieve a better look. By "visual fraud" I mean Normal mapping, Parallax mapping, Post-process effects and all those other techniques that make games look awesome while being relatively simple geometry-wise - it's really cool! The only problem with all this is that the artist in me has two left hands and I have major problems recreating the images in my head in 3D space or imagining stuff from scratch at all. So what I'm good at is bothering the artists with technical stuff.

Of course a game could never be fun if it does not have a well-built world, complex characters and a compelling story. Okay, that's a lie because we all know at least several games that do not have any of these and are fun as hell, but that's not the point that I'm trying to make. I'm interested in making the game plot, story world and characters. I actively participate in the process of building those components for our own games and can sometimes be wearisome with my requirements towards these things. This is because for me it's really important to like the things that I work on. I'm personally not a writer (and I don't want to be) but I participate in the brainstorming and finalizing of ideas.

I'm putting web development and video shooting and VFX at the bottom of the list of my professional skills and interests. These are things I don't do very often, but I'm still the go to guy in the team when something [like that/related] comes up. I find the whole video thing to be really fun and if I had the time and money, I'd shoot short videos with effects - I have a genuinely great time when working on such projects. As for web development I concider it boring if I have to be honest, but it's a skill that I somehow acquired throughout the years and I happen to use it every now and then. The web technologies, however, tend to develop too quickly for my induced by lack of interest slow rates of advancement in that field and I'm not sure for how much longer I will be willing to keep track of them.

Outside of work (yes, I also sometimes have spare time) I'm a gamer, of course. I like mainly FPS, RTS and racing games. I'm also an old-school gamer and I love playing NES, SNES, Genesis, DOS, N64, PS1 (the list goes on to the 5th generation) games. I know lots of game trivia but don't ask me about dates. I never remember dates. Maybe that's the reason I'm ashamed to tell what grade I had in History class in school. When I'm not playing retro games, I'm usually playing multiplayer games with friends while talking in a conference call.

Besides games I'm also into extreme sports - after all a man can't be sitting in a chair for their entire life. I'm a mountain biker and I ride Dirt Jump style. The saddles for that type of bikes are so close to their back tires that you don't want to be sitting at all while in motion. Othewise you might need new pants. I also ride mountainboard. Yeah, "mountainboard". That's a crossbreed between a snowboard and a skateboard on steroids. I'm serious, Google it!

*Insert final paragraph with profound meaning and a touching message here*