An action adventure roguelike that will take you on a high speed hoverboard ride.
OVERRIDER is currently in development.


Embark on a journey through life and master the art of paper plane flight.

We are

A game studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria founded by enthusiasts who turned their passion into a profession. We create high quality games and tools for the Unity engine and provide outsourcing services. Our team has more than 12 years of experience creating games of different genres and on various platforms.

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OVERRIDER Demo on Steam Next Fest

OVERRIDER Demo on Steam Next Fest

We are excited to announce that OVERRIDER now has a demo that everyone can download. The demo is part of…
OVERRIDER - Gameplay Trailer, Demo and Kickstarter News

OVERRIDER - Gameplay Trailer, Demo and Kickstarter News

Our team has been documenting the development process of our upcoming title OVERRIDER on Youtube since day one. One year…
Dreamteck Plug-ins are Now Free on the Asset Store

Dreamteck Plug-ins are Now Free on the Asset Store

Today we have exciting big news! After more than 6 years on the Unity Asset Store, our premium plug-ins, Dreamteck…

Splines V3

Splines is an all-in-one spline solution with focus on versatility, performance and ease of use. Used by thousands of developers worldwide, it's one of the hottest assets on the Unity Asset Store.

Forever - Endless Runner Engine

A user-friendly, flexible solution for the generation of linear, procedural levels. Forever is ideal for endless runner games, procedural racing games and more. Used in the creation of Lifeslide.


A sound mixing and management system with an intuitive editor and an easy to use API. Blenda allows for a modular approach to sound design thus saving time, effort and storage. It allows designers to create sound effects and audio mixes inside the Unity editor using existing audio clips in the project.

The Dreamteck

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