Dreamteck Plug-ins are Now Free on the Asset Store

Dreamteck Splines and Forever - Free

Today we have exciting big news! After more than 6 years on the Unity Asset Store, our premium plug-ins, Dreamteck Splines and Forever: Endless Runner Engine are becoming free to use for personal and commercial projects!

Since 2016, Dreamteck Splines and Forever have been used and loved by thousands of developers for which we are eternally grateful and humbled. This allowed us to grow, expand and invest in our dream projects. With every growth, however, comes change also. Due to us shifting focus, our developer tools have been suffering in terms of quality and support. We hope to turn this around by giving the community power over the tools.

What’s The Plan?

  • We have released updated versions of the plug-ins on the Asset Store. These updates include mainly bugfixes and optimizations to improve stability and reliability.
  • We have initiated repos for Dreamteck Splines and Forever on GitHub where everyone can add their contributions.
  • We will monitor the contributions and handle pull requests periodically.
  • Our team will release updated official versions on the Unity Asset Store periodically.
  • We will not provide support for developers who are using the free versions of the tools.

For People Who Have Already Purchased:

Everyone who has a licensed copy of the tools from before they were free is eligible to receive premium support through our support form by providing their Asset Store invoice ID. Future versions of the tool will be downloadable through the package manager as updates – no need to do anything special.

What About Our Team?

With some weight off our shoulders, we can focus on our main projects – developing our original title OVERRIDER, building our game development outsourcing branch, and a couple of new initiatives you will hear about soon.

Once again, thank you for all the support and feedback over the years. We hope that this change will bring more possibilities to developers across the board, and we appreciate your understanding!


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